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2022 RMGO “No Gun Control, No Deals!” Petition

A Petition to my City Council, County Commission, State Representative, Senator, and Governor Jared Polis

WHEREAS: The U.S. Constitution clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” and the Colorado Constitution states, “The right of no person to keep and bear arms ... shall be called in question;” and

WHEREAS: Anti-gun politicians have seized control of our government and are reporting to the media they’re going to push the most far-reaching gun control legislation to date; and

WHEREAS: They’re threatening everything from RESTRICTING concealed carry to a full-blown BAN on weapons arbitrarily deemed as “Assault Weapons.”

THEREFORE: As your constituent, I urge you to oppose any anti-gun bill and insist you VOTE AGAINST ALL GUN CONTROL in this while in office, especially any firearm ban.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners will keep me informed of your actions.

Fellow Patriot,

We are entering a pivotal year for the future of the Second Amendment in Colorado -- one that demands we are locked and loaded – ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

After speaking to key decision-makers, it seems as if the legislature is looking to take swift action on gun control that may include

  • REQUIRING a Three-Day Waiting Period;

  • BANNING so-called “Ghost Guns;”

  • RESTRICTING Concealed Carry Classes;

  • GUN RATIONING: Limiting how many firearms you can purchase in a month;

  • RAISING THE AGE on those who can buy a gun to 25;

  • REQUIRING background checks and a NEW TAX to buy ammunition;

  • REQUIRING firearm liability insurance for all gun owners;

  • ➢ And, of course, the big-ticket for the Gun Control Lobby would be a California-style “Assault Weapons” ban.

But, unfortunately, that’s not all.

Because of the passage of SB21-256, the anti-gun lobby is foaming at the mouth to restrict our Second Amendment rights at the local level!

Please don’t click out of this before you take action; I need you to sign your “2022 RMGO “No Gun Control, No Deals!” petition right away!

As always, we will deliver your petition to your lawmakers at our expense.

For Freedom,

Taylor Rhodes
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

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